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The Academy

Kingdom of Kings Academy is a  place of biblical study structured for one seeking a textual base and an in-depth understanding of the Torah "Bible"  from its original Hebraic perspective.

Our courses and curricula are not just about Abraham, Ruth, David, and Moses, “they are about you!” They are about how to enrich your life, how to become the person you’ve always wanted to be, and how to overcome and even grow from life’s challenges.

Our courses are structured so that you encounter the powerful Hebraic recipes for developing great character, ideas that have been 3,300 years in the making! You’ll get to top-up your Hebraic and general biblical knowledge by exploring dramatic biblical events, inspiring characters, and heartwarming tales from the earliest history of God’s people. You will walk from these courses inspired, invigorated, and spiritually charged—armed with the tools to face life’s challenges head-on.

Kingdom of Kings Academy is a revolutionary concept in biblical education. An unprecedented presentation of traditional Hebraic studies in a highly professional, innovative, academically-rigorous yet accessible format. We enable students of all backgrounds to gain a true appreciation of cardinal Hebraic biblical beliefs and practices, providing the essentials of Hebraic literacy in a series of comprehensive courses.

Our streamlined curricula are complemented by comprehensive textbooks, interactive exercises, and audio-visual presentations.

Enlightening and Information Packed

I have truly been enlightened, informed and blessed by his teachings! I wish I could just sit under him daily and learn....I'm hungry for truth and righteousness, not this "Church as Usual" stuff I've been taught. Thank you so much Rabbi Akwetey, Be Blessed

Deron D. Wilson




Let’s Study Together!

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