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The Book of Esther can easily masquerade as a child’s tale. There is a villain who is out to hang Mordechai and murder his countrymen, a king who enjoys drinking and seems to not be in control of himself or his realm, and there is a beautiful and noble queen. There are assassins, palace intrigues, and a climactic battle scene in addition. There’s even a happy ending. What more could you ask for in a good child’s story?In his usual insightful exposition, Akwetey Amaah brings out the deeper narrative – more suited to the eyes of an adult. He shows how Esther the Queen drew a psychological profile of the Villain and the King, and was able to construct an elaborate plan to trap both the Villain and the King using their weaknesses and character flaws.This is a story that reveals itself gradually to the patient reader who is willing to ask questions and notice anomalies.

The Book of Esther

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