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If it is in fact the case that woman, as a creation, is highly valued; if this is really true, then how can it be that since time immemorial she has been treated like trash and not honored in the way she deserves? If woman is really such an exalted creation, why was it accepted that it is better to be a man?So, does Torah have anything to say about women and the role of women? Torah provides a safe haven for women. Torah says, “It is not good for man to be alone, I will make him a helper to help him.” Many pastors have interpreted this verse in such a way as to oppress women. Some even go to the extent to say a woman was an afterthought. She is instructed to submit like a slave to her husband because “your desire will be to your husband and he will rule over you!” She should keep quiet in the church or synagogue and not hold any leadership positions because she simply is not qualified to teach men! If she has a question, she should ask her husband at home. Yes! This is from your Bible.We have been noticing that women are now challenging the status quo and this is precisely the reason why I decided to write this book. Woman! By Divine Design! You see, time challenges anything that is false, and time is challenging the status quo when it comes to the feminine principle. In this book, we revisit the biblical text and correctly present the crown of creation, the woman, through the eyes of YHVH, and the correct analysis of the Bible. You will be shocked to know what the Bible does NOT say. You will see, very clearly, the key roles women have played in the past, and the role they will play in the coming future events.

Woman! By Divine Design

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